Social Media

Social media is an interactive form of online media, allowing everyday individuals, like you and me, to participate in the creation and development of the content of the media. So we are not just receptive to the media, like in traditional media methods, but are allowed to be a part of it! It not only allows us to communicate effectively with one another over the internet but also allows us to share our thoughts, videos, pictures, likes and dislikes with the rest of the world – and to find out their opinions on it in real time. It allows us to network, talk, share and participate with various business contacts, friends, and communities by the click of a button.

There are a variety of Social media, including YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook…to name a few. It is clear why Social media are the words on everyone’s lips!

We all know the world is going social and the business world needs to join the conversation. Consumers no longer rely on traditional media, but are looking to the World Wide Web to show them what they need. A recent study has shown that individuals are more likely to rely on and trust in peer reviews for a product or service, as opposed to advertisements. Therefore by giving people the opportunity to comment on your business through social media, it not only spreads good word to consumers, but also highlights possible areas of change for you as a company.

Social media has many benefits for your business as it allows you to increase brand awareness and exposure, make new contacts, build new and strengthen existing relationships through effectively interacting with your chosen target market, you can build on or add to an existing web site, it allows you to promote new and existing products or services, you can easily answer questions and erase doubts, and is a great way to monitor your businesses reputation.

Social Media is fun, there is a fundamental shift in the way we communicate and being part of the change is the first step to success!