True search engine optimization requires the ongoing analysis and tweaking of many on-site and off-site variables, which need to be consistently and effectively acted upon, with a clear strategy and proven methodology to realize the goal of good placement in search engine results pages.

A website is ranked on each search engine according to its relevancy against other websites using the ranking formula specific to that search engine. Each search engine has its own closely guarded secret formula that it uses to generate results and therefore it is common to see similar, yet different results for the same term across a variety search engines.

A well optimized website will rank high across a number of search engines at the same time for the same target key phrase as it is the most relevant for that search term on that specific search engine using its ranking formula.

The ranking formula that a search engine uses to determine its most relevant results is a blend of more than 100 variables. Some of the variables used range from the on-page content of the website, such as the meta tags, key phrase density and key phrase weight of the page, to off-page external factors such as quality inbound links, website competition, page rank and many more.

Effective search engine optimization involves analysis of your own website, the websites of your competition, as well as your target market and keyword research, to ultimately make your website more relevant than that of your competition.