Online Marketing

Internet marketing of your website, or ‘website marketing’ is the ongoing implementation of many different marketing strategies, techniques and ideas at the same time, often working hand in hand, bridging the gap between networks, media, customer demographics and technical boundaries.

We like to think of Internet marketing as the bigger picture of a continually evolving marketing strategy puzzle. Each aspect of online marketing is only one piece in the puzzle that can never be completed, due to ongoing developments on the internet and its ability to evolve.

Website Marketing techniques can involve some of the following methods:

Search Engine Optimization:The implementation of on-page and off-page methodologies and strategies to optimize your web pages for specific keywords and key phrases relevant to your market, to get your website indexed as well as boost its performance on search engines.
Pay Per Click Advertising: This is an advertising method where you only pay for the advert once a user clicks your advert. Typically you bid against competitors, for keywords relevant to your target market, in order to display your advert on Search Engines and content networks.
Email Marketing: The development of newsletters and advertising / promotions emails, as well as member databases to send emails and newsletters to on a regular basis.
Link Building: The setup, management and implementation of a reciprocal link exchange pages for your website, as well as one-way inbound link building to your website.
Social Networking: The introduction of your brand and services to online communities and networks in order to share information and develop the awareness of your brand amongst interested and like minded people. This allows you to connect with potential clients in a unique and personal manner.
Website analytics: The tracking and analysis of the visitors to your website, and the information we can get from them, such as how they came to find your website, which pages they accessed, how long they browsed, if they ‘converted’, or made contact, and where in the world they accessed the website from.
Using a variety of website technologies available to us, we can effectively create brand awareness for your company, and develop an effective marketing strategy that will give you a good return on investment.